Tips and Tricks for vSAN troubleshooting

Today I attended a Web-Session from VMware with the topic vSAN troubleshooting tips and tricks and I wanted to share those tips and tricks with you.

Common sense

Ensure that your hardware is on the VMware HCL
– Disks / Controllers / Firmare / Drivers

Ensure that you have up-to-date backups (and test the restore process fully)

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Cannot power on View VMs after deleting resource pools

One of my colleagues had a problem the other night. He was called to troubleshoot a VMware View environment which was not running as expected. One thing he did during the cleaning up was to get rid of a number of resource pools that were only created for the purpose of putting the VMs into “folders” when viewed from the old C# Client.

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PowerCLI: Testing your networks

If you are knee-deep in a troubleshooting session with a customer you want to be able to have some tools ready that do some tests for you. One of the things that in my case has happened quite a lot was that some network were connected but couldn’t communicate outside of the host. So in a HPE Blade Enclosure infrastructure this was most likely a forgotten VLAN tag in the server profiles.

In order to quickly eliminate this problem I have worked on a script that helps you test every network in your environment.

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Backing up Fault-Tolerance protected VMs (the operation is not supported on the object)

One of my customers called me up and told me that their VMware Fault-Tolerance (FT) VMs can no longer be backed up. The error it throws says: ” The operation is not supported on the object.”

When I looked at the recent task&events I was able to see that the backup was successful up to a point where someone reconfigured FT on that VM. So I went into the documentation (Link here) and saw that traditional VMware Snapshots are not supported on Fault Tolerance enabled VMs. There is a supported backup method for disk-only snapshots but that only works with the new FT (not legacy FT).

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PowerCLI: Find Zombie Files on Datastores

Everyone who works in our industry is familiar with RVTools. It’s a great tool that achieves a lot in short time in terms of infrastructure checks. I would not want to do my job without it.

One customer wanted to have a e-mail report that showed the “zombie” files on their datastores. After a RVTool check they saw that they wasted a lot of space for not removed snapshot delta disks that were not removed by their backup solution. This is a problem we see in almost every environment.

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PowerCLI: Report Empty LUNs

Once again I’m writing about a customer use-case. In this case the customer wanted to know if all of his many LUNs were actually being used or if there were any they could delete and save some storage space.

The customer has a very big environment so it would have been tedious to do this task by hand. PowerCLI comes to the rescue in form of this very short script that will basically just put together some information and send it to you by email.

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