PowerCLI: Testing your networks

If you are knee-deep in a troubleshooting session with a customer you want to be able to have some tools ready that do some tests for you. One of the things that in my case has happened quite a lot was that some network were connected but couldn’t communicate outside of the host. So in a HPE Blade Enclosure infrastructure this was most likely a forgotten VLAN tag in the server profiles.

In order to quickly eliminate this problem I have worked on a script that helps you test every network in your environment.

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Backing up Fault-Tolerance protected VMs (the operation is not supported on the object)

One of my customers called me up and told me that their VMware Fault-Tolerance (FT) VMs can no longer be backed up. The error it throws says: ” The operation is not supported on the object.”

When I looked at the recent task&events I was able to see that the backup was successful up to a point where someone reconfigured FT on that VM. So I went into the documentation (Link here) and saw that traditional VMware Snapshots are not supported on Fault Tolerance enabled VMs. There is a supported backup method for disk-only snapshots but that only works with the new FT (not legacy FT).

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PowerCLI: Find Zombie Files on Datastores

Everyone who works in our industry is familiar with RVTools. It’s a great tool that achieves a lot in short time in terms of infrastructure checks. I would not want to do my job without it.

One customer wanted to have a e-mail report that showed the “zombie” files on their datastores. After a RVTool check they saw that they wasted a lot of space for not removed snapshot delta disks that were not removed by their backup solution. This is a problem we see in almost every environment.

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