PowerCLI: Change Admission Control Percentages

I was recently asked by a customer to explain some of the vSphere 6.5 features that would be interesting for his environment. I knew the environment so I pointed out some things that 6.5 does better than the currently installed 6.0. One of those things I mentioned was the automated adjustment of the resource percentage in the HA admission control settings.

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PowerCLI: Getting the Usage of a cluster

Our customers sometimes call us in to check their environment. Because this happens quite often we created a basic checklist on what checks we do when we start. One of those checks is a cluster-usage assessment. This helps us further down the road when advising the customer in ways to improve the resilience of his infrastructure.

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PowerCLI: Reporting the duration of Snapshots

One of our customers had a problem with VMs losing network connectivity while the backup was running. Their backup solution was based on VMware snapshots. After the end-users complained about a service not being responsive they investigated and found out that during the creation of the snapshot they lose the pings.

In response they wanted to check how long the snapshots take on all of their VMs. Even though their environment was not very big, it would have been very tedious to gather this information manually. PowerCLI to the rescue!

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PowerCLI: Checking ESXi Hosts Advanced Settings against VMware’s default

Over the years and releases from VMware the best practices change sometimes. In the early days we had to set a lot of advanced settings to get a desired feature to run as it should or to make the VMware Admin’s life a little easier.

The thing about these settings is that you should check them with every release. Are they still required? Have they been deprecated? Is the behaviour still the same when they get set?

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