Introducing the new ESXi Staging Appliance

A couple of years ago I made a post about the “REDA – Rapid ESXi Deployment Appliance” which was basically a customized version of the old “EDA” which was available to download from the VMware solutions exchange.

When face with a environment that deal with multiple clusters and lots of host the old EDA/REDA was very limited in terms of scalability. You could only have one script, one ISO image and had to put all of yours hosts into one big list.Read More »


Alternative to VMware AutoDeploy: Rapid ESXi Deployment Appliance

Flash: Extremly FastWhen you’re thinking about upgrading your infrastructure to the latest stable version of ESXi you have to think about how you will deploy your hosts with the new ESXi Hypervisor.

One way to it would be to use VMware Update Manager. Another way would be to use the vSphere AutoDeploy Feature combined with Host Profiles. Unfortunately not everyone can afford the required “Enterprise+” license to use this feature.Read More »