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my blog about my experiences with VMware and related products. Views and opinions are mine own.

About me

My name is dario dörflinger and I live in Switzerland.


I started out in the IT in the year 2007. I went through the apprenticeship of 4 years and was then hired by the company where I’ve been doing my apprenticeship.

In 2011 I started in the server-team of the internal IT department of a big retail firm in Switzerland. They had around 1500 VMs running on 140 ESXi Hosts, some of which were protected by VMware Site Recovery Manager. Besides vSphere and SRM they also used VMware LogInsight, VMware Operations Manager and every now and then they made use of a cool new fling from VMwarelabs.

After four years of managing the above environment I changed jobs. I am currently working for a VMware partner in Switzerland as a Senior Systems Engineer. We provide VMware solutions to customers and help them achieve their IT goals using VMware software.

One of my responsibilities includes developing and maintaining a “ESXi Staging Appliance”. It is currently at version 1.4 and has many improvements on its roadmap for the years to come. (Update: Development canceled. New focus on VCDX) If you’re interested in this let me know and we can talk about it. I cannot, unfortunately share the appliance itself with you because it’s company property.

I am a big fan of VMware products and love scripting and automating things. I have scripted a lot of bash-scripts and have also automated and solved many problem using PowerCLI. You can find all of the script I published in my GitHub account here

One of the biggest challenges I will face this year will be the VCDX (VMware Certified Design Expert) program. The VCDX certification is the highest achievable certification in VMware products. I am currently VCIX (VMware Certified Implementation Expert) in the datacenter track and work on my submission for VCDX.

In the second half of 2018 I have attained the “vExpert” status for the first time after blogging since 2014 and I am very proud of that.

You can find me on twitter, xing, linkedin, slack, VMware communities or just hit me up in the comments on one of my posts.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Administration
Milestone for VCIX achieved in december 2016

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