I always wanted to prove the skills that I obtained working for a IT service provider over the last two years. At the end of last year I achieved the status of VCIX DCV (VMware Certified Implementation Expert – Datacenter Virtualization). So what’s next? Why, VCDX of course. At the time of this writing there are only 257 people in the world who have achieved this level, and none of them comes from my country (switzerland). So that is my goal which I shall reach by june 2018.

I have already attended a VCDX online workshop (which is free of charge and just awesome) and started to collect links and books which will help me on this journey.

For those of you who don’t know: To obtain the VCDX level one must:

  • have the vcix level on the field for which you want to go for vcdx (dcv in my case)
  • design a solution based on customer need according to the blueprint
  • send that design to vmware for tech-preview (cost: $995)
  • defend that design in front of 3-4 current vcdx holders for about 75 minutes (cost: $3000)
  • design a solution based on a use-case “on-the-fly” in front of the vcdx in about an hour

I will now add a list of links that I’ve collected so far and will add further blog post as my journey progresses.



Here is a mindmap that I got from someone off twitter: VCDX_submission_mindmap

I will update this post when I get more links.